A Guided Tour Through Tuscany

I have always been captivated by pictures of Italy. I think the landscape there is just gorgeous, and I love all the history that is associated with the various areas within the borders. One would think that it is my heritage, but I don’t believe it is at all from what I have learned of my family history. There is just something magical about it, so I was happy when my husband and I started talking seriously about one of the Tuscany Untouched tours. Just because I loved the area did not mean that I had ever been there before, so my husband wanted to make my first visit there as memorable as possible.

He knew that the best way to do that would be with a guide. While we do love to explore our own countryside on our own, we also know most everything we need to know. Having never been to Italy, and in particular Tuscany, I wanted to have a local guide explain everything we were seeing and one who would be able to answer all of our questions too. There is just so much history there between the art, the food, the customs, the people, and I wanted to make the experience as fulfilling as possible.

The tour we experienced was a seven day one, and I know that we would not have had the fun and the insight that we did have if we had not been on the guided tour. We were able to talk to local people that we would have otherwise never met. These people are overflowing with tidbits of information and history of their city and surrounding areas, and that is what truly made this experience one of the best of my life. There are other tours there too, and I have a feeling Tuscany has not seen the last of us.

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