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This page gives travel advice on ten things that a single ought to not do in Thailand and why one particular must not do them.

A few posts back, I featured the function of Indonesian photographer Ulet Ifansasti on an Islamic boarding school in East Java, and I stick to it up with the effective monochromatic operate of Mario Cruz on a related subject an Islamic boarding school in Senegal…however difference abound.

The rather tongue-in-cheek, but not irreverent, writing is by Asif Khan , a documentary photographer who is primarily based in India. His description of the Umrah, the lesser version of the Hajj or pilgrimage that is demanded from each and every able Muslim will enlighten those who are unfamiliar (or even those who are familiar) with the Muslim rituals.

In post-Holocaust Europe you could frequently discover the grooves or scars where mezuzahs had been removed or painted more than throughout or following the Shoah—thus forming symbolic mezuzahs that indicated a home where Jews when lived. In my book, I extrapolated additional, suggesting that the surviving physical relics of pre-war Jewish life—synagogue buildings, Jewish cemeteries, even if abandoned, in ruined condition or transformed for other use, also served as symbolic mezuzahs to mark towns, villages, cities, and even nations where Jews as soon as lived and do not reside now.

To accompany this post, I chose one of the couple’s photograph featuring Wilke (or Wilki), a nicely-known ‘Habanero’ to visiting photographers. He earns a living by dancing in different bars and by posing as a model on account of his elegance, white sideburns and massive cigars. His dancing companion, Adelaide, is also a fortune teller. I met them throughout my week-lengthy keep in Havana, and they introduced me to a private session of Santeria.

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