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It may possibly seem inconceivable or just plain crazy, but I did travel from London to Paris 1 day in early August, and I had a superb and memorable time.

As I explained in my Hub Bringing Your Foreign Fiancée to the U.S, the very first component of the procedure of obtaining a visa and bringing one’s fiancée to the U.S. at that time was to go to the fiancée in her personal country and provide proof of the trip (with photos, copies of plane and hotel receipts, and so forth. to the U.S. Customs and Naturalization Service) as proof of having met your fiancée in individual).

The dining room, in certain, tells us far more about Dorr E. Felt. Judging by all the fancy fixings and specifically the wall mural, we know he loved horses and have to have witnessed the English Fox Hunt. So, it is accurate, he did travel all through Europe and Russia, and most fascinating, as 1 of the initial ambassadors for the U.S. Commerce Division. When in Europe, he commissioned an artist to paint the fox hunt mural which was reduce into strips, shipped and hung as wallpaper. So sad the wall paper was later stripped. Fortunately, during the renovation, a talented neighborhood artist, Kathy Kingsley, painted a lovely recreation of it.

Benidorm was constructed on tourism, and its infrastructure is great. In addition to possessing superb hotels and apartments, its beaches have all been awarded European Blue Flag cleanliness awards. Life guards are on duty for security on the beaches, and Benidorm has gone out of its way to make the tourist feel welcome.

Europe is a need to for any travel bucket list, and when far better to check out than for the duration of the balmier summer months. Think music festivals, street parties, island hopping, and beach sunsets with cocktail in hand… sounds great right? Get inspired by a few of our ideas beneath and see why we just love summer in Europe!

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