Newark Liberty International Airport (4)

We are proud to be a New Zealand owned company. When you rent a car from Rental Automobiles New Zealand, you are assured fantastic service from kiwi staff who know this nation like the back of our hands.

Rick Hendrix got his 200th win as a team owner, so fricken what, who the hell cares if he has adequate money to run four cars every race, he has the chance to win a lot more races. This is no large accomplishment, Richard Petty won 200, he in fact drove the car, he worked on the vehicle, he even towed the car to the track on a trailer in the early days.

On the way to operate nowadays I stopped at Lowes House Improvement retailer to pick up a couple things. As I quietly rolled into a parking spot I could see a guy that was walking towards my automobile hunting intently at it and and then creating eye contact with me. Following driving my MINI-E for two 1/2 years and now the ActiveE for nearly two years I can right away determine the individuals that are just curious about my auto from the people that are not only curious, but want to ask me about it and this guy was certainly the latter.

I guess perhaps I’m also old college. I liked cars that looked like vehicles you could buy. I liked drivers that could bring a much better auto and drive it as quick as they could. I liked watching automobiles pass every other all day, not riding about in circles nose to tail for 499 miles and on the last lap attempting to win. I liked it when you could in fact tells the cars apart from every single other, a Ford was a Ford and a Chevy was a Chevy, not just a body made to fit a preset template.

In last week’s post , we looked at the effect that Tesla’s Model S has had on the sales of competing cars in the large luxury segment in the US. That set the table for the query of regardless of whether or not the Model three can have equal or probably even greater accomplishment in the entry level, premium segment when it hits the streets sometime in the end of 2017 or early 2018. That segment has been owned by BMW’s three-Series for decades, and BMW isn’t going to just give it up with out a fight.

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