Ultimate SEO LLC Sponsors Tech Nonprofit’s New Tech University

The last month, I’ve not updated the site here and thats a rarity.  Ive not gotten lazy, actually the opposite.  Ultimate SEO LLC has had a long history of hiring contractors who wanted to learn SEO and weren’t that tech knowledgeable on day one.  We’d provide them with a Windows laptop (at least dual core with 8 gb memory) a job and tasks that weren’t too hard but offered exposure to the business.

This past February, pre Coronavirus, a nonprofit thats now a 501c3 was formed with Ultimate SEOs funding and Matthew Leffler’s direction.  LFI which has a web site at LFIKY.org is attempting to address a complex and super difficult problem.  17,000 young adults in Louisville are unemployed and not in school.  They’re often nearly homeless or homeless.

Of the young adult homeless population 40% identify as LGBTQ.  That is astounding since LGBTQ make up less than 10% of the population.

The single largest factor cited for why they are homeless is family rejection.

Matt Leffler, is a member of the local LGBTQ chamber of commerce and the national NGLCC.  But 20 yrs ago if family rejection had happened to him its anyone’s guess what life would be like now, a family can make all the difference.  Bell Labs did research and found the single biggest indicator of someones success is their network.

These young adults are starting out with no network.  LFI wants to change that trajectory these few thousand people are on in Louisville.  First we need to get them safe shelter.  Second they need skills to support themselves long term.  Third career skills and development.

It’s not as easy as just opening a shelter.  In Louisville, if more than 3 people are unrelated and live together they need a permit or they need to be students.  The permit is highly restricted in an effort to slow down housing options for those in need.  But if they need to be students, then students they shall be.

LFI, a tech training nonprofit, 501c3 has created a new program … Kentucky Technical University which is its own nonprofit corporation that is seeking 501c3 status as well.  LFI has earned Guidestar.org’s Gold Star for Transparency, it’s been accepted into Google for Nonprofits, received the Google Ad Grant, part of the Paypal Giving Fund and is available as a charity on Amazon Smile.

Its official name is Leffler Foundation Inc, not named for Matt Leffler but for his father who supported his technical aspirations, even after Matt came out as LGBTQ.

We’ve created the KTUC course catalogue as required by the state.  It’s available through Amazon for just $6 … basically the cost of shipping if we self made the catalogue.  The digital version is free and available for review at KTUC CC Digital

KTU’s site https://kytech.university is still under development but a lot of progress has been made.  KTU is the short name of the Kentucky Technical University Corporation which has a corporate site at https://ktuc.org

These are part of the state’s licensing requirements as well as a school surety bond and a blank agent bond.  Ultimate SEO has paid for those bonds.

KTU offers credit for courses taken largely from other accredited universities through Coursera.com whom KTU has a license for over 3,800 courses.  The courses include stuff like Harvard University’s Intro to Computer Science or MIT’s Intro to Algebra.

Students who are homeless or show need can receive 100% of their tuition discounted off.  Even the students not showing need are charged no more than $1300 a term … making KTU one fourth the cost of any instate school.

Whats ahead?  Well…completing the licensing process and then enrolling a small student population.  Additional corporate sponsors would be awesome and don’t forget that your donations are tax deductible.

Theres more to share but at this point, you should have enough to take up some time for you to research this all more on your own.