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Sample Ballot – Jefferson County Judicial Ballot

Sample Ballot – Louisville Judicial Ballot       2018 Jefferson County District Court Sample Ballot   Above we’ve provided an update 2018 Sample Ballot for all District Court Judicial Races for the November 6, General Election.  This is also available as well as more information about many other races in our Complete Voters Guide section. Voter registration is on going until October 9th and can be completed online at Matthew Leffler Judge Sean Delahanty Judge Sean Delahanty – Louisville Votes November 6 – Retain Judge Sean Delahanty 30th District Court, Division 6 Pearl Harbor Tours

Louisville Election Guide Highlights

2018 Louisville Election Guides 2018 Complete Voter Guide – provided from Judge Sean Delahanty’s site Election Results Election results posted to Judge Delahanty’s blog. Voter Registration Voter Registration Link Louisville Metro Mayor Metro Mayor Race… Continue Reading Louisville Election Guide Highlights… … Continue readingLouisville Election Guide Highlights

Ranking Louisville Candidate Site With Organic SEO

Its likely no secret we’re working hard to rank up Judge Sean Delahanty‘s site.  He had but I’ve always believed that the primary site for any campaign needs to be someone’s name unless its… Continue Reading Ranking Louisville Candidate Site… … Continue readingRanking Louisville Candidate Site With Organic SEO

2020 Marks 100 Yrs Of Women Voters

Women’s Suffrage 19th Amendment turns 100 The following lyric is a revision of the song “My Old Kentucky Home”.  The lyric was composed by Madeline McDowell Breckinridge in celebration of Kentucky women gaining the right to vote in state and presidential elections. Some Kentucky women had been able to vote in local school board elections and in local referendums on school taxes since 1830. The 19th Amendment in 1920 however revised the 15th Amendment emphasizing universal male suffrage. The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home, ‘Tis winter, the ladies are gay, The corn top’s gone, prohibition’s in the swing, The colonel’s in eclipse and the women in the ring. We’ll get all our rights with the help of Uncle Sam, For the way that they come, we don’t give a ____. Weep no more, my lady, Oh, weep no more today, For we’ll vote one vote for the old Kentucky home, The old Kentucky home, far away. Remember to vote Tuesday, November 6.  Sean Delahanty has been endorsed by The Caucus, formally known as the Metropolitian Louisville Women’s Political Caucus.  Delahanty hopes that his record of 20 years on the bench serves as an example of his dedication towards equality. To register to vote, verify your registration or to review detailed voter information visit this site’s FAQs and Voter Information pages.  We are also piecing together Judge Sean Delahanty’s Complete Voter Guide for 2018.  Check back for sample ballots in October.     Pearl Harbor Tours

Supporters Of Sean Delahanty New Site

New Supporters of Judge Sean Delahanty Site Launches The campaign is pleased to launch a site where Louisville voters can discuss the election and offer suggestions on topics for new videos by Judge Delahanty. The site also offers subscription news service for campaign updates and a link to a store where you can buy campaign gear to show your support. remains the campaign site with news, video blog entries and voter information.  Judge Delahanty has served as District Court Judge for Division Six since 1989 and was Chief Judge of District Court for four years.  He’s been endorsed by the Sheriff’s Deputies FOP, CFair, BSK of JCPS, Citizens for Better Judges, UAW CAP, IBEW, Louisville Women’s Political Caucus and many other organizations.  The election is only 69 days away on November 6,2018.  For voter eligibility and registration or polling location questions voters can visit Judge Sean Delahanty’s Election FAQs and the site’s Voter Information sections. The state also has  The election is just around the corner now is the time to get involved and become informed about the candidates on your election ballot. Spanish: Who are you voting for tshirt   Pearl Harbor Tours

Video: Your Neighbors On Judge Sean Delahanty

Some of the most impactful endorsements are the ones we hear about from our family and friends. After 20 years on the bench in District Court in Division 6 Judge Delahanty has impacted the lives of thousands. We will continue to post these video endorsements and encourage you to let us know how you’ve met Judge Delahanty or why you are going to vote for him November 6, 2018. More Of Your Neighbors On Judge Delahanty [embedded content] If you’d like to be featured in our next Your Neighbors On Sean Delahanty just record a quick introduction about who you are and why you are supporting Sean Delahanty. Personal stories that let viewers know how you may have interacted with Judge Delahanty are encouraged. You can record this video endorsement on your phone and email it to us at [email protected] Your Neighbors On Judge Delahanty [embedded content] For updates on the campaign feel free to join the site or follow Judge Delahanty on your preferred social media platform.  You also don’t have to make a video to help.  Sean has accounts on nearly a dozen.  Post to your social media the link back to our site and let your friends know you support Judge Sean Delahanty just like people in these videos.  Visit Sean Delahanty’s Youtube Channel for more videos or search our site. Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Pearl Harbor Tours

Campaign, Candidate And Political SEO: Optimize Or Be Trumped

cloud502com Cloud502 I say be “Trumped” because for all that he did wrong in tarditional campaigning, he did Political SEO better than anyone had before. I’ve always been a political guy.  I love using technology to those political ends.  Earlier this year I was able to leverage my experience in SEO, Adwords, cloud computing, data analysis and web design for a political candidate. It’s why these unique products are bundled into what I offer through Upwork.  Today there is no excuse for a candidate to neglect digital media needs.  Local candidates can easily benefit from a solid online presence for much less than they might think.  The past experience with Brent Ackerson’s campaign was very encouraging. I’ve started to reposition satellite sites made in March for a new project I’ll mention below. for instance is intended to be a voter education site for anyone who wants to post I just so happen to post all of the stuff there.  I have some further plans for but those are all in my head. All of these sites are hosted by my Google and Amazon cloud accounts, so that stuff has come in handy.  I hope to attract additional campaign work if not in 2018 by 2020.  I figured this new niche deserved a site so I’m working on with a handful of .net names also headed there just for ease of use. I said at the a campaign meeting that I felt radio and TV ads were as effective as yelling out a window.  I still feel that way, even more so each day.  In these meetings people point out I’m tech savy but others still watch TV … then I think of my 88 and 92 yr old grandparents who recently decided Netflix, Amazon and Hulu were allContinue readingCampaign, Candidate And Political SEO: Optimize Or Be Trumped

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